Wee Green Steps

An immersive outdoor learning and STEM based programme introducing sustainability and climate change. Composed of 5 sessions each focusing on a different aspect of sustainability and waste reduction, Wee Green Steps is available at Early, First and Second Levels from the Curriculum for Excellence. In combination the sessions provide a meaningful and impactful learning experience which ultimately leads to transformational learning. Topics covered include:

  1. Introduction and exploration of materials
  2. Scientific litter investigation and environmental assessment
  3. Meet the recyclers / decomposers
  4. Investigating sustainable choices, technologies and solutions
  5. Can you have a Zero Waste snack?

All sessions by Thistledown Seed are curriculum mapped and linked to the Sustainable Development Goals. Key elements within the sessions focus upon the Biodiversity 2020 Challenge, Scottish Attainment Challenge, the Climate Change Act 2008, the Circular Economy, Scotland’s Play Strategy and Better Food, Better Learning. Thistledown Seed learning opportunities can be used as part of wider awards such as Eco Schools and the John Muir Award.  

The natural way to explore sustainability and climate change issues with your class or group.

Take some wee green steps towards a happier world.