Outdoor Science Explorers Project

Take your science teaching outside and gain from the innate curiosity and multiple learning opportunities that greenspaces bring to your learners.

Choose from a selection of science topics focusing upon natural history skills, community enhancement and the weather. Each topic includes introductory DYW discussion and the importance of science within our everyday lives. Each topic is composed of 4 half day sessions which can take place over a term, month or week.

Our Wonderful Weather, Our Changing Climate:

The topic of climate change is investigated through scientific experiments relating to weather in your local area. Experiments such as this are important to understand and record long term changes due to climate change. Further games and activities will be played to help gain greater understanding about the process of climate change.

Hug a Tree, Hug the Planet:

Trees play a vital role in the successful and healthy functioning of our communities and our planet. Through nature awareness activities and scientific experiments your learners will gain new insights into trees, how to identify and assess them and their importance in the ecosystem and how they help combat climate change.

Say Hello to Your Natural Neighbours:

The animals and plants that live nearby our homes and school are an important part of the world around us. By scientifically investigating the biodiversity in different outdoor areas your learners will gain an understanding of what habitats are best for wildlife. Your learners will then investigate, design and make suitable homes for minibeasts suitable to locate around your school grounds.